Embrace your fear!

The elephant is one of the most powerful and massive animals in the world, it can easily lift logs with its trunks and knock trees over using its heads. You might think it is strange then to find that a circus elephant is usually kept tied up by its handlers with a length of rope that it could easily break. This is because it has been conditioned: Trainers accomplish this through the use of a heavy metal chain to tie the elephant while it is still young. The elephant learns during its development that it cannot break the bonds and it associates them with its limits, boundaries, and freedoms. Later, when it is fully grown and is of adult size and strength, it still believes it cannot break that bond and so, it never really try. From then on, only a rope is necessary to keep it from breaking its bonds, freeing itself and realizing its true strength and potential. By now you may have realised that I am not really talking about elephants, right?

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